Custom Go Kart Build

At the beginning of the 2024 summer, a group of friends including myself, found an old mistreated go kart behind the local high school. We decided to attempt to fix it up and make a fully functional go kart while learning how it worked along the way. We asked the permission of the principal and took the go kart back to my house. After a few days we got it running, and new wheels have been put on. A new clutch and brake system has been ordered, and we are planning on ordering an exhaust.

The final piece of the puzzle needed to complete the go kart is a half inch diameter piece of 22 inch tube with a set screw hole in the top and Pittman arms on the bottom. We searched the internet for weeks looking for a suitable replacement, and eventually began to give up hope. This is why we are looking for the support of PCBWay.

This is the current design for the custom steering column and Pittman arms. It is split into three different parts for ease of manufacturing and assembly onto the go kart.

We have come to the realization that this part may not exist online, so we decided we needed to make our own. The part would need to be made out of metal, as it would be subject to high intensity torsion and tension forces. We do not have access to tools and machinery that would allow us to make this part ourselves, so we looked for a company that offered CNC or SLS 3d printing. I stumbled upon PCBWay from YouTube videos that I had watched, and I decided that PCBWay was a perfect fit for the task at hand.

The only issue is that we do not have the money to order such parts on our own. The one-off prototyping capabilities offered by PCBWay would allow us to improve our designs and learn what does and doesn't work for certain applications. We could also use these services to make other one-off parts for our go kart so that we can test out designs on other parts of the vehicle.

The support of PCBWay would allow us to continue this project and our education in this field, possibly taking what we have learned and applying it to other and possibly even bigger projects. We are very excited by the possibility of collaboration with such a company.

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May 31,2024
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