Battery Management System(BMS) for Formula Student racecar

Team Kratos Racing is a group of 50 undergraduate students pursuing engineering in various domains like EnTC, Mechanical, Artificial Intelligence, etc. We design and build electric racecars for various Formula Student competitions like Formula Bharat, Formula Student Germany, FS East, etc. Currently, we are six times national champions and were ranked 7th in the world (2023 season). Our notable achievements include being the first team to develop Carbon Fibre Reinforced Monocoque (CFRM) and developing customized BMS.

At the heart of Team Kratos Racing is innovation. And our cutting-edge Battery Management System (BMS) — the nerve center that powers our electric revolution. Designed to optimize every volt and ampere, our BMS is not just a guardian of energy, but a beacon of efficiency and performance! Being a customized technological feat of our team, it monitors and balances each cell in our battery pack with surgical precision, safeguarding longevity of the accumulator and so, of the vehicle. Designed with the driver and vehicle safety as the critical functionality condition, our BMS is the pioneering example of the spurting innovation present in our team.

Our BMS doesn't just safeguard; it's also very useful for debugging. With real-time data analytics, it helps us adapt instantaneously to track conditions on the track, adjusting outputs for optimal power delivery. It's the silent partner that amplifies our vehicle's potential, giving us the edge to push boundaries and seize victory. In the upcoming season, we plan to harness the future of mobility with our state-of-the-art BMS — where innovation meets reliability, and performance meets precision. We aim for redefining what's possible on and off the track!

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Jun 21,2024
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