Ares - Crontroller For Brushed Motors

With all the competitivity in the robot war increasing every time, all the devices are evolving in the same way. Developed for controlling DC brushed motors, Ares is a compact but powerful speed controller of these traditional kind of motors.

Ares was born in 2017, for controlling the locomotion of Beetleweights (3lb) and Antweights (1lb) bots with the purpose to be a strong and more than ever, a small board to fit in the minimum spaces inside the bot.

In the way to reduces the board size(23x17,88mm),the power part, has only a motor driver that has a very small coupling with a half H-bridge to control a single motor. Ares has a supply voltage of 12,6v (3S) and delivers a maximum of 5A continuous and supports a peak up to 6A.

The board could be divided in 3 main parts, the regulation circuit, the control circuit, and the power circuit. The first one receives the voltage from the battery and lowers to a value acceptable for the controller. The control circuit receives the PPM signal from the radio controller and converts into a digital signal that finally goes to the power circuit to 'translate' this signal into movement on the motors.

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Jun 02,2020
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