Arduino Based RC Receiver PCB For Pro Mini

This is an rc controller board based on arduino pro mini.

I made this because I couldn't find any rc receivers based on arduino pro mini.

This is a basic board.

First, we need to solder the pin headers of the Arduino board. A convenient way to do that is to use a breadboard to stick the pin headers in it and so the board will stay firmly in place while soldering. As I said earlier, depending on your board, the pins might vary a bit, so keep that in mind when soldering them.

Also, there are some Ground pins that we need to leave free as there are some traces running on the PCB under them. Once I soldered the Arduino board, I cut the excess length off the pins.

Next, I placed all other pin headers in place. We need both male and female pin headers, or it’s actually up to you what pin headers you will choose to use. However, it’s a good idea to use male pin headers for the digital channels as the servo motors and the ESC connections are female, so we can easily connect them.

The voltage regulator is a surface mount component so I used some Blue-Tack adhesive to hold it in place while soldering. Lastly, once we solder the two capacitors in place, we can attach the NRF24L01 module to the appropriate pin headers.

Depending on the application, or the range that we need, we can use either the normal module with the onboard antenna or the one to which we can attach a bigger antenna and can achieve wireless communication of up to 700 meters in open space. So that’s it, our Arduino RC Receiver is now ready and we can use it for anything we want.

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Mar 04,2021
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