A Novel Mask Insert to Reduce Habitual Particle Transmission

About Me:

I am a high school student in Wheat Ridge, CO, USA. I have been a participant in ISEF-affiliated science fairs for three years, and am excited to present my latest engineering project: A Novel Mask Insert to Reduce Habitual Particle Transmission.

Project Description:

Many people can be seen touching their masks, but this is an easy way to spread germs and other particles, including those that cause COVID-19. Now that almost everyone has to wear masks, this is a very important issue. I have created a device to detect touch, and remind the user not to touch their face using a buzzer. I hope that this project will help improve user safety when wearing a mask, and help slow the spread of diseases, including COVID-19.

The project works using a capacitive sensor and a buzzer motor, in addition to a counter IC for data collection. These components are very compact, but still allow for full functionality. This will make the device very comfortable and pleasant to wear. The mask insert, shown on the left of the cover photo, contains stainless steel thread, making one plate of the capacitive sensor. When the other plate (the user's hand) approaches the insert within the mask, the change is detected, activating the buzzer.

Support from PCBWay will be a great help to my project. I appreciate PCBWay's commitment to manufacturing high-quality PCBs for all users, and their relentless support of education and students around the world.

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Jan 08,2021
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