ADAPT - Open-Source Modular Heat Bed for FDM 3D Printers

Founded in 2023, the ADAPT team at the University of South Alabama is a collaboration of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering undergraduate students. Our team is committed to innovating 3D printing technology by creating an open-source design for a modular build plate heater system with the goal of energy efficiency. Keep up-to-date with us on our Google Site HERE.

Our project aims to impact the consumer FDM 3D printer market by creating an aftermarket drop-in replacement heat bed. Currently our target machine is a Creality Ender-6. We will make our designs open-source so that others may easily modify for their printer. The Focus is modularity, customization and scalability for the end-user.

Goals and Requirement:

  1. The system must be a direct replacement of OEM bed.
  2. The system must match the original electrical specifications.
  3. The target printer must have ability to run Klipper firmware and CAN communications
  4. The system will draw less power when not printing on entire build area

Currently, as of February 3, 2024:

Our team has finalized revision one of our controller board, however the hot plates and the frame are not finalized.

Technical Highlights:

Controller Board 3D render

STM32G0B1 32-bit processor, compatible with Klipper

USB Type C connection for easy firmware flashing

Communication with Klipper over CAN bus

(9) Heater outputs for hot plates

(9) Thermistor inputs for hot plates (100k NTC)

Hot Plate CAD

PCB heater from traces

24V - 30W heaters

M3 flat screw holes with chamfer

LED activity light

Frame Assembly on Creality Ender-6

Parametric design

Secures hot plates

Uses existing mounts from 3D printer

CNC aluminum for strength

Klipper Test Rig

Configuration Macros:

Klipper config files for settings and documentation


We are asking PCBWay to provide the services for 2 revisions of the Control Board, 9pcs Hot Plates and frame CNC part.

PCBWay is not only essential for the completion of the project but accounts for over 75% of our project deliverables.

This project would not be possible without PCBWay and would merely be a design concept.

That being said, we would be very grateful if PCBWay would help our project.

Not only can PCBWay help our project but you can choose them to use ADAPT for your 3D printer as well.

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Feb 03,2024
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