2kw pure sine wave power inverter based on arduino

Hello friends, in this blog I want to talk about a project that I have been developing in recent months

It is a pure sine wave inverter from the egs002 module with SPWM, this inverter can work from 12V to 48V with powers ranging from 600W to 12V up to 2400W at 48V, this power is RMS, the peak power of the inverter would be roughly twice the RMS power.

That is, we will have approximately a power of 1200W at 12V and 4800W at 48V, this inverter works through an H bridge which connects the positive or negative at high frequency to generate a PWM wave with positive and negative peaks that finally through of a capacitor and a coil will smooth these pulses and it will become in a few words a sine wave.

To obtain this power we must use mosfets of approximately 120 amps or more for each one, so that they can withstand the current peaks that is natural in high frequency and that it can work for long times, I also want to make special emphasis on the issue of cooling of this inverter since as many will know the temperature in the mosfets it is vitally important to know how much current they can conduct without causing damage, so it is very important to use a generous heatsink and if possible with active cooling.

Having a good bank of capacitors is essential for the implementation of this class of inverters since they will prevent the high current peaks generated by the inverter from being assumed by the batteries that, if they are very small or of little capacity, will suffer shortening their useful life and also causing instabilities in the input voltage and therefore in the output voltage as well.

To finish, I want to warn about the precautions that must be taken to put the project into operation and to obtain the desired power, mainly I would like to emphasize the cables to be used since we are working relatively at low voltage in the batteries, depending on the power that We will need to be circulating 40 amps or much more, that if the cable is very thin or is not of the necessary gauge it will overheat and can even burn, so you have to be very careful with it, on the other hand install a fuse or some type of safety switch for any unforeseen event is always very helpful and safe for our projects, especially if they have a lot of power, thank you very much for your attention.

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Nov 22,2021
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