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PICOmputer - World first Raspberry RP2040 PICO

by: Jun 08,2021 3135 Views 0 Comments Posted in Technology

Raspberry Pi Shared Project

Shared Project:

This Pi-computer is by Peter Misenko, This is a palm-sized computer of sorts. It integrates a keyboard made from tactile push button switches, a TFT IPS display, and a Raspberry Pico computer module. 

His goals for this project was to minimize the number of external components, thus maximizing the use of the PICO features. There’s a filter capacitor for the optional LoRa module, and two MOSFETs and three resistors to drive a speaker and the TFT backlight. Aside from connectors, the switches, and the sub-modules themselves, that’s all of the external circuitry.


  • Smallest as possible 100x65x8mm
  • Absolute minimum components.
  • Auxiliary USB-C for power only.
  • Access to boot button
  • Bonus flashing eyes with internal led.
  • IPS 240*240 display. 3 types or more
  • Speaker
  • Free GPIO header
  • Reset button
  • Power switch controlling internal buck-boost
  • Optional RFM95 LoRa radio

Learn more: https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/_PICOmputer____World_first_Raspberry_RP2040_PICO___QWERTY___IPS_devkit.html

Our Raspberry Pico contest is still in full swing. We are warmly welcome you sharing project and get a new one raspberry pico free!

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