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How to Generate Gerber and Drill Files From Fritzing

by: Aug 03,2023 2084 Views 0 Comments Posted in PCB Design Tutorial

Tutorial PCB design Gerber Fritzing

Fritzing is a low-barrier-to-entry electronic design automation software for the needs of manufacturers and hobbyists.

At PCBWay, we recommend our customers provide Gerber in RS-274X format for manufacturing. In this tutorial, we will show you how to export Gerber files and drill files from Fritzing.

Generate Gerber and Drill File

  • After finishing the PCB design, select "File"->"Open" in the menu bar and then select the .fzz file you want to use. This guide uses the example board that comes with the Fritzing. Name: Countdown.fzz.

  • At this time, the first display is the Breadboard interface. To generate the Gerber file, we need to switch to the PCB interface. Click where the arrow in the image below points.

The appearance of the PCB will be displayed, as shown in the figure below.

  • Select "File">"Export">"for Production">"Extended Gerber (RS-274X)..." in the menu bar, as shown in the figure below.

  • Choose a folder to save Gerber and drill files.

  • After a few seconds, the Gerber and drill files will be exported, as shown in the image below.

Online Gerber Files Viewer by PCBWay

After exporting the Gerber and Drill files, you can use PCBWay Online Gerber Viewer to preview the picture:

Check Online Gerber Viewer with Long-Awaited in PCBWay Finally Comes into Service for relevant introduction for PCBWay Online Gerber Viewer.

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