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RaspBerry Pi Pico contest is coming

by: Mar 26,2021 929 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

RaspBerry Pi Pico RaspBerry Pi

On January 21, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the latest microcontroller development board: RaspBerry Pi Pico. Compared with other Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Pico is smaller but more powerful.

More importantly, RaspBerry Pi Pico uses the first self-developed chip RP2040.

RP2040, using Arm Cortex M0+ processor architecture, running at 133 MHz, with 264K SRAM, 2MB onboard storage space, to a large extent solves the problems of analog input, low latency, and low power consumption.

The Raspberry Pi Pico is designed to be a low-cost, high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital interfaces. The Raspberry Pi Pico features two ARM Cortex-M0+ cores run up to 133MHz; 256KB RAM; 30 GPIO pins; and a broad range of interfacing options. This is paired with 2MB of onboard QSPI Flash memory for code and data storage.  

In addition to powerful hardware resources, Pico has rich and complete software support and community resources. It comes with a complete Rasberry Pi official C/C++ SDK, Micropython SDK. Just click https://pico.raspberrypi.org/getting-started/ to get started with Raspberry Pi Pico.

Now RaspBerry Pi Pico is online in our gift shop and you can redeem it.

In order to encourage everyone build their own projects, PCBWay will hold “ RaspBerry Pi Pico “ contest. Everyone who shares the RaspBerry Pi project in the PCBWay community can get a RaspBerry Pi Pico module for free. If you purchased the RaspBerry Pi Pico on PCBWay, you can apply for the same amount coupon.

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