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Commonly Used Plastic Material for CNC Machining

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ABS is one of the most common thermoplastic materials with good mechanical property, excellent impact strength, high heat resistance and good machinability.

ABS has a low density and is ideal for lightweight applications. Before injection molding for mass production, CNC machined ABS parts are often used as prototypes.


Nylon, also known as polyamide (PA), is a thermoplastic often used in engineering, it has excellent mechanical property, good impact strength, high chemical and abrasion resistance. However, it also absorbs water and moisture easily.

Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 are most commonly used in CNC machining.


Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic with high toughness, good machinability and excellent (better than ABS). It can be tinted, but usually clear, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including fluidic devices and automotive glass.


Commonly known by the trade name Delrin, POM is the engineering thermoplastic with the highest machinability.

POM is generally the best choice for CNC machining of plastic parts that require high precision, high stiffness, excellent high temperature dimensional stability and very low water absorption.


Commonly referred to Teflon, PTFE is a kind of engineering thermoplastic with excellent chemical and thermal resistance and the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid.

As one of the few plastic that can withstand operating temperatures above 200°C, Teflon is an excellent electrical insulator. However, due to its purely mechanical property, it often used as a lining or insert in assemblies.


HDPE is a thermoplastic with a high strength-to-weight ratio, high impact strength. HDPE is lightweight and suitable for outdoor and plumbing. Like ABS, it is often used to create prototypes prior to injection molding.

7.PEEK is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic with excellent mechanical property, thermal stability over a very wide temperature range and good resistance to most chemicals.

Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, PEEK is often used to replace metal parts. Available medical grades make PEEK suitable for biomedical applications as well.

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