bionic hand

i am Mansour Hamada from egypt and i spent 5 yrs or more making bionic limbs and trying to help my father.

so i created a bionic prosthetic limb (hand -leg) which working by using biomechanics signals allows to user to move it like a real limb and not just this that bionic limbs make him has ability to feel and touch and this could change the lives of millions of amputees all over the world. And make this bionic limbs more bionic.. Final prototype, which contains 10 sensors that convert motion into signals to recreates the sensation of touch in the wearer's foot which are absent in traditional prosthetic limbs. Solving the problems with incorrect weight distribution Difficulty walking, Back pain, Muscle atrophy, our bionic leg that provides haptic feedback when incorrect weight distribution is detected .and trigger then send feed back to the user and ic controller to take the right position. We are using 3D Printer(Advanced three-dimensional printing type technology) to make this prosthetic low cost. i really liked the idea of sponsoring idea and work and i was spending any money from my hard work in carwasher or cooker .sometimes driving to save money for this project + study so i really like this idea from pcbway and i hope that i will get any kind of help .

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Nov 27,2022
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