Şahinbey Electric Vehicle Team

About Us

We are high school students who have improved ourselves in mechanical and electronic fields. Our team, consisting of 13 people, aims to improve ourselves and contribute to the world. We gathered with our talents and disciplines from different schools and formed our team in 2019. Within 4 years, we have produced a total of 5 cars and received award. In the coming years, we aim for even greater achievements.

Teknofest High School Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Competition

The aim of the competition is to promote the use of alternative and clean energy sources, provide technical and vocational experience in the automotive sector, impart teamwork skills to students, and contribute to the development of human resources for electric vehicle advancements in the world.

Our Circuits

Human-Machine Interface Controller

This circuit contains Allwinner V851s SoC inside. This powerful SoC provides us a 1GHz Arm Cortex-A7 core and 700MHz Risc-V core with 64MB DDR2 RAM. Also there is 2-Lane MIPI-DSI and MIPI-CSI interfaces that help in using screens and cameras with this circuit. We use this circuit in a human-machine interface system.

Vehicle Management System

We use vehicle management system in our cars. This circuit collects every single data (temperatures, voltages, etc.), processes it and provides securityfor vehicle. Our circuit contains an ATMEGA2560 MCU inside. This MCU has a lot of input/output pins that helps us while collecting every single data from the vehicle.

Telemetry System

We use telemetry circuit that has STM32WL5MOCH6STR. This circuit communicates with Vehicle Management System and transmits data to control station.

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May 12,2024
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