Yildiz Rocket Team

Yildiz Rocket Team is a project team established under Yıldız Technical University in March 2017 in response to the question "What can we do for rocketry?" The team aims to cultivate competent scientists and engineers in the field of space and aviation by developing R&D projects in this area. The projects developed in line with this goal contribute to opening up new horizons in rocketry. 

The team is actively working on three main projects: ARTAM, Demirkazik, and AKU. Under these projects, undergraduate students from different faculties and departments work in the fields of avionics, structural, and propulsion departments.

The avionics department designs, analyzes, and manufactures necessary electronic systems for all of our projects. These efforts are carried out with four teams: software, hardware, communications, and control.

Electronic systems developed under the avionics department are designed with uniquely designed PCBs. Advanced avionics systems are being developed for the ARTAM high power rocketry project, data acqusition systems, and remote ignition systems for the Demirkazik hybrid rocket motor project, and control computers for the AKU controlled flight project.

ARTAM (High Power Rocket Project)

Telemetry Computer

The telemetry computer developed for the ARTAM-I rocket's avionics system consists of two communication devices for efficient asynchronous communication with the ground station: RFM98PW and a specially designed amplifier circuit, along with STM32WL (LoRa MCU). Additionally, it facilitates GPS communication and inter-computer communication within the system.

Onboard and Backup Computer

The main and backup flight computers developed for the ARTAM-I avionics system detect flight conditions using barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer sensors. They provide trigger signals to the recovery circuit and record flight data at 16 ms intervals. Onboard and Backup Computer consisting of two separate computers with different sensors, they ensure redundancy and reliability in flight operations.

Recovery Circuit

This circuit sends commands to the recovery system based on signals received from the flight computer developed for the ARTAM-I avionics system.

Power Control Circuit

This is the power distribution computer developed for the ARTAM-I avionics system. It distributes power from the connected 4S2P battery system to other cards/modules within the system. Equipped with a microcontroller, it also monitors the voltage of the battery and the temperature of the PCB.

Demirkazik (Hybrid Rocket Motor Project)

Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition System developed for the Demirkazık Hybrid Rocket Motor. It collects data from various industrial sensors such as pressure, temperature, flow meters, etc., as well as load cells connected to the rocket motor. It interprets the collected data by transferring it to both wired and wireless ground stations. It continues to be developed for static firings and in-flight measurements of the rocket.

Remote Control System

Remote ignition and control system developed for the Demirkazık Hybrid Rocket Motor. It is capable of relay control with low latency, over distances longer than +2 km.

AKU (Active Controlled Flight Project)

Flight Control Computer

Main flight control computer developed for AKU-I. It calculates its status using its sensors and controls 2 brushless motors and 4 servo motors with a control algorithm.

PCBWay's support would enable us to develop more efficient and effective rocket technology and inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with PCBWay and achieve our goals through their support.

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