Up Robotics

Who we are:

UP Robotics is the team of "Universidad Panamericana", located in Aguascalientes, Mexico. It is integrated by various engineering students focused on developing search and rescue robots to assist first responders in the event of natural disasters including but not limited to earthquakes.

Team participation during RoboCup Rescue League 2023

Our Vision:

During a natural disaster, time is of critical matter, the faster the first responders can reach the victims, the potential loss of human life decreases drastically, our vision consists of helping firsts responders by providing equipment capable of moving through difficult terrain in the efforts of locating victims and providing safe routes for their extraction without risking the life of the responders by providing critical data such as live feed of the terrain, detection of toxic materials that might be airborne and providing communication to the victims that might be trapped in hard to reach places. Besides helping the first responders, we also are capable of assessing the status of the victims by providing communication and even delivering basic necessities meanwhile the rescue operation takes place.

First Generation of our rescue robot

Our Background:

The project has been awarded several acknowledgements including:

  • 2013 (Netherlands) – 1st Place “Best-in-Class
  • 2015 (China) – 1st Place “Best-in-Class Manipulation”
  • 2016 (Germany) – 1st Place “Best-in-Class Dexterity”
  • 2023 (Mexico) – State Youth Award "Giant of Innovation"

Our Goal:

The next edition of the RoboCup Rescue League will take place in July 2024 in the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands, where students and researchers of all over the world will show their techniques and development of robots that aid in scenarios of natural disaster. Our goal is to learn and improve our capabilities to continue improving our robot to be able to provide even greater assistance in the case of a natural disaster.

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Feb 25,2024
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