UTARID Model Satellite Project


People are constantly working in order to improve technology and increase the benefit to humanity. To this end, Turkish students with students from all over the world develop their projects in the competition called TEKNOFEST in order to develop aviation in Turkey and to benefit humanity. TEKNOFEST is known as the world's largest aviation and space festival.

The TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival is organized under the leadership of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3), which aims at making a Move of National Technology and transforming Turkey into a technology producing society, with the support of Turkey’s major institutions and companies.

Our team has been working for the TURKSAT Model Satellite Competition, which is one of the TEKNOFEST competitions, since 2019.

Türksat Model Satellite Competition

Türksat Turkey’s leading technology company, is taking another step to further expand human resources in the field of satellite and space technologies with the organization of the competition.

With many universities from Turkey competing in competitions organized abroad, it gives them the chance to share their experience and knowledge with other universities at an event organized in our country.

Taking into consideration the high cost of participating in competitions that are organized abroad, students have the opportunity to gain experience in actual space projects with a low budget.

During the flight stage, each satellite model is required to send the telemetry information, with the sensor on board, to the ground station. In addition, with every flight, the competing team will have to fulfill special tasks designated by the competition board (pressure, height, sink rate, battery level, photograph and/or video recording, equipment opening, load carrying, ability to send location upon landing and so forth).

The annually organized Türksat Satellite Model Competition gives undergraduate and graduate students, who are students of engineering, the opportunity to transform theoretical knowledge into practice and to share interdisciplinary work and experience.

In addition to sharing experiences with different university teams, it also provides students the opportunity to set up communication with our expert personnel working in satellite operations, companies from the sector and non-governmental organizations.

Our Team

Our team consists of Bursa Uludag University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students. Our team, which has been working since December 2019, has been working intensely.

Our team has developed its project for the Model Satellite Competition and is developing a model satellite for the competition again this year.

Next year, our team will also develop a project for the Cansat Competition, one of the Model Satellite competitions held in America.

Our team, which was ranked 26th among 149 teams in the previous year, continues to work with all its determination and effort to compete in the best way this year.

Photos of our works.

Our PCB Designs

UTARID First Circuit

Our New Design!

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Aug 05,2021
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