Turkduino v.1

This project is designed for students studying in the electronics department of our school.

We have drawn the same Turkey with this arduino development card.Our aim is to make our learners love programming and electronics.Students will be able to enter the programming with this development card.They will develop applications at basic level.On our card with output pin for many sensor connections.This project is not a commercial project, it will be an important tool for our school.We would like to have this card for 30 students in our school and we want a smd stencil for the assembly of electronic materials.

Our project is a card with digital(13) and analog(6) outputs.Atmega 328p is supported by a microcontroller based.Can be connected to computer or power supply easily with micro usb.

It contains many electronic materials such as microprocessor, diode, resistor, LED, integrated processor, regulator.Our arduino-based card with 5-volt input will use less energy and will be a nature friendly project.


If pcbway supports us, it will contribute to education and future.If you believe us, we will prove that we will do great things with my students.Your help is a contribution to the future and to humanity.We trust you, you can also trust us.Thank you for your interest our Turkduino project.

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Feb 25,2019
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