Team VOID - Nova 1- Rocket engine

Founded in 2023, Team VOID is a student team located at the Technical University of Eindhoven, with the intention of developing reusable, and re-ignitable liquid-fueled rocket engines. Our team consists of 8 ambitious students from multidisciplinary backgrounds. Our mission is to allow the next generation of engineers the opportunity to grow themselves in a hands-on manner, all while innovating at the breakneck pace of the industry leaders.


The team is currently working on its first liquid propellant rocket engine, which will pave the way for us to develop more advanced engines with higher power and quality. These design goals begin with developing a liquid propellant engine that operates at 5000 Newtons. Once that milestone is crossed, our next challenge is EuRoc 2025, where we strive to launch our first rocket. Parallel to this mission is the aim to foster an environment for the engineers of the future to design, configure, and test various components of a rocket engine, iterating on them multiple times to reach our ambitious design goals.


Shown below Nova 1, our first rocket engine, powered by ethanol and gaseous oxygen. It aims to operate at 10 bars of pressure, produce 20 Newtons of thrust, and will be machined out of AISI 4340 alloy steel.




The propellants inside the chamber will be mixed with the help of the impinging nozzle injector plate, pictured below. This will insure a stable combustion and optimal mixing of the fuel and oxidiser. It will be machined out of the same material as the combustion chamber.



In the current project, the team will require CNC capabilities to craft complex components such as the combustion chamber and the injector plate. CNC machining will ensure that these parts are manufactured with the highest level of accuracy and quality. Ultimately contributing to the success of the engine. The team has already assessed that PCBWay is more than capable of machining these components.


We would greatly appreciate any support PCBWay can provide in terms of CNC machining, future pcb manufacturing and any financial contribution to the development of Nova 1 and other future projects that Team VOID will embark on. We are looking forward to the possibility of working with PCBWay in educating the next generation of aerospace engineers.

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Oct 20,2023
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