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Welcome to Team Robotics & Circuits, where curiosity meets creativity in the captivating world of robotics. We are a major student project team from Manipal Institute of Technology, in Manipal, India. From mechanical wizards to programming prodigies, we are an interdisciplinary team of students who share a common goal: to experience, explore and innovate cutting-edge robotic solutions that address real-world challenges.

Our team is deeply involved in major research projects that push the boundaries of robotics technology. We have successfully developed a data acquisition tool for gait analysis, a gesture controller for intuitive human-machine interaction, smart helmet designed for enhanced safety of miners through real-time monitoring, and a waste segregation bot that contributes to sustainable waste management practices. We also actively participate in competitions, including ones for line follower bots and micromouse bot, showcasing our expertise in creating precise and efficient automation solutions.





Our dedicated team is currently engaged in the development of an advanced automated warehouse robot, M.U.C, designed to revolutionize traditional warehouse operations and reduce dependence on manual labor. This innovative robotic solution aims to streamline and automate various tasks within the warehouse environment, ranging from inventory management to order fulfillment. 


Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation is exemplified in our research projects, where PCBs play a pivotal role. The data acquisition tool for gait analysis relies on PCBs to integrate sensors and processing units, providing real-time insights into human movement patterns. Similarly, in all the above mentioned projects PCBs form the main control systems of our bots and contribute to the compact and efficient design, enabling a seamless integration of diverse functionalities. Alongside, our line followers and micromouse showcase how PCBs contribute to their precision and responsiveness.

Custom designed PCB for one of our bots

Sponsorship from PCBWay would provide invaluable support for our ongoing initiatives and signify a shared vision for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of robotics and circuits. Your expertise in PCB manufacturing aligns seamlessly with our dedication to excellence, precision, and efficiency in every project we undertake. We believe that a sponsorship with PCBWay will not only contribute to the success of our projects but also showcase your commitment to advancing technology and innovation. Thank you for considering Team Robotics & Circuits as your potential partner. We look forward to the prospect of collaborating with PCBway to bring these exciting projects to fruition.


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Feb 06,2024
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