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In the realm of robotics, the question arises: What does it truly mean to be exceptional? For Cyberius, a Mexican robotics team, being exceptional transcends merely constructing the best robot. The journey of Cyberius began in 2016 with a singular purpose: to transform lives through robotics.

Since then Cyberius has become more than just a group of students building robots, it's become a group of aspiring engineers, doctors, designers, astronauts, and more. The impact of Cyberius extends beyond the workshop and competition field. Cyberius is deeply rooted in educational opportunities; the team actively participates in monthly events to promote STEM opportunities, reaching thousands of students.

To ensure the team's growth, Cyberius conducts yearly mentoring sessions to teach new students new abilities like CAD design, construction, programing, and more it assigns roles and designs a year-round strategic plan for a cohesive workflow with goal-oriented methodologies to enhance their work structure.

Cyberius' aspiring future goal is to become the first mexican team to win the First Robotics Competition to show how far Cyberius has grown and can keep growing. In summary, Cyberius exemplifies the essence of being exceptional by not only excelling in robotics but also by fostering a culture, community engagement, and sustainability. The team's dedication to transforming lives through STEM education and its commitment to social responsibility make Cyberius truly exceptional.

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Jan 23,2024
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