TeamKART, Formula Student Team, IIT Kharagpur

TeamKART is the official formula student team of IIT Kharagpur. We are a group of students who love to design, manufacture and test formula-student style prototype race cars.

The group was founded in 2008 by a few enthusiastic members, who steered the team through its initial stages where we faced acute shortage of funds and lack of technical know-how. We persevered. As a result of which, TeamKART is currently the largest student project in IIT Kharagpur. Every year, we design, manufacture and test a new car and take it to the Formula Student competitions.

The journey of each of our new cars begins with its design. This involves the application of all the classroom knowledge in actual engineering problems to achieve the set goals for the car and its different systems through modeling, simulation, and experimentation. The next challenge is to bring this design to reality by checking the feasibility of various designs, fabricating different parts of the car through various manufacturing processes, and assembling them to the final stage. The last phase involves testing and tuning the systems of the car to rectify problems and achieve set targets.


Our website:

Our Facebook page: TeamKART Facebook page

Video of our last project: The K5

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Jun 30,2022
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