Good day ,please take note that the upcoming prototype will work in malls shopping centers,stadiums hospitals with the size of 2 mm x 4 mm the app will be installed on the smart phone so that the kidnapper when he or she trying to exit the doors of the shopping mall or hospital with the toddler that toddler escape device will ring and and the ringing will reflect on the parent's smart phone alerting them that the kidnapper is exiting the shopping mall or hospital with the toddler and the bracelet of the size of 2 mm x 4 mm device that will be wrapped around on the wrist of the toddler while the parents are on shopping spree in malls or parking so that when the thief is trying to snatch and steal the toddler from the mall or parking the device will respond on the device that is attached on the toddler's parents. WHEN the toddler is distance 13 meter or more far from the parents in malls parking lot it is where the they actually steal the toddlers around the globe this will work only by distance certain meters apart from the child's parent from malls because sometimes you will find out that some toddlers they just turned to get lost from their parents in malls or parking this device will be called toddler escape i will upload it by tomorrow on page this will work only in malls around the world not at home and the will be an app that will be installed on the parents phone in order to switch it off when the toddler has been found around malls some, most of the children are being stolen in shopping malls and the nurse in hospitals will be carrying this toddler escape device when the kidnapper is trying to exit the doors of the hospital with the baby the toddler escape device will reflect on the device that will be carried by the nurse at that point in time.THE kidnapper will be unable to remove the toddler escape device from the baby or the toddler as it is none removable and it will be remove by the toddler's parents by unlocking the toddler escape device on the smart phone app.



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Jul 23,2022
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