The INTELLIGENT GROUND SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM (I.G.S.S.) is a project that enables a large area to be secured in a digital way. It implies roles of a wheeled system that enables movement in a designated area. The system has MULTIPLE UNITS : motion sensors, arduino uno ,motor controller, motors, Wi-Fi module, lithium ion batteries, jumper wires, sonar system, wheels ,electrical components, that work together and bring the desired function. The entire system works by car-like robots receiving and sending data from a server which can be automatically or manually controlled.

The intelligent robots are multiple and have sizes of approximately 30cm long, 15cm wide and 10cm high.

Am Andrew Macharia of Kenya , 17 years old. I enjoy making simple electrical systems using components. I like learning more about arduino and wish to be practically exposed My project aims to effectively SECURE MASS LAND area. In this way low human monitoring will be required.

I would like to appreciate PCBway for giving many and I the opportunity embrace our abilities in the best way possible.Thanks for making my ability useful to me and the community around. THANK YOU PCBway.

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Dec 10,2020
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