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Surf pi 1.2 classic version


Pulse Induction Metal Detector Surf PI 1.2 classic version. (Note- It is not the longboard version). The dimensions of this pcb is 210*44mm.


- It works based on pulse induction technology

- It has gain, sample, delay variable

- Works with a variety of coils which are easy to build.

- no SMD components, DIP only

  • some of the only metal detectors circuit which can be build using a multimeter without possesing an oscilloscope making it ideal for diy enthusiasts and the result being a cheap and reasonably accurate detector.

Build details on: http://www.adrianandgenese.com/blogger/2012/07/13/how-to-build-a-surf-pi-1-2-pulse-induction-metal-detector-from-a-diy-kit/

I decided to make it for my science project and wanted to share the pcb with the community since people usually find it difficult to get the gerber files for it. I will upload it as a shared project once it gets approved for sponsorship so that others can build it too.

Some images-

Top image

Bottom image

Schematic diagram

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Mar 01,2021
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