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Started back in 2010, SPCE Racing was co-founded by a group of 5-10 students who had the vision to revamp classroom learning into a practical engineering design and research project. SPCE Racing now has grown to become more than just a Formula Student Team! United by the common passion for building race cars, the team now consists of 70 ardent and zealous engineers from Sardar Patel College of Engineering.

Every year we prepare with the best of our capacities to stand on the podium on the day of the competition. The results aren't always in our favor but we make sure the result of the competition, doesn't hamper our progress! Because for us, the entire process of building a racecar means a lot more than winning. With every new season, we learn new things, improve on our mistakes, and optimize our strengths. 

PCBs are integral to the Formula team's success, enhancing the safety, reliability, and performance of the car. These sophisticated boards act as the backbone of the car's electronic infrastructure, orchestrating vital functions to ensure optimal operation on the track. By integrating advanced safety features, such as fault detection and emergency shutdown systems, PCBs enhance driver and vehicle safety during high-speed maneuvers. Moreover, their robust construction and precise circuitry contribute to the overall reliability of the vehicle, minimizing the risk of component failures that could jeopardize performance. In terms of performance, PCBs enable efficient power management, optimizing energy utilization for maximum acceleration and endurance.

Having garnered massive respect amongst our peers, we leap into the future this season and aim to manufacture an electric vehicle prototype. We are ready to go the extra mile and achieve great heights in the electric vehicle domain! PCBWay's support would empower our team to excel to greater heights and enhance the performance of our electric race car. Their expertise in PCB manufacturing and assembly would enable us to implement advanced electronic systems, improving the vehicle's overall functionality on the track. We are eager to partner with PCBWay to leverage their resources and expertise, driving innovation and success for our team.

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May 17,2024
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