SBB (Smart Black Box)


We are two high school students. Together we created the SBB project. Our project is to take care of your plants, our robot has the second version, thanks to the first one that succeeded, we decided to make the second version. The first version you can see on the first picture won first place in the national competition and so we decided to make another version, which is much more extensive, you can see it in the next picture where we describe it in the international competition where we got the second place. In addition, it also warns the user of the weather.


Our robot consists of four sensors, a soil moisture sensor, an air temperature sensor, a light intensity sensor and a voltage sensor. On the basis of the values obtained, it evaluates whether to ventilate, water or light at night. In addition, our robot can be controlled using a touch screen, or via gmail, where by command it is possible to control the values when the robot should water, light or vent when the temperature is too high.


Only this year we have participated in two competitions so far, on one international and one national and have won 2nd and 1st place, we are planning to participate in another two this year in June, one national and the other international.


We need some PCBs from you to improve our project and get rid of this cable mess in the picture below. If you provide them to us, we will promote you along with our project at the competitions we go to and at the shows and wherever possible with our project. These PCBs certainly will not exceed 10 * 10. Thank you in advance.

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Apr 30,2019
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