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Driven by the quest to ramp up the efficiency and versatility of wireless microcontrollers—particularly in keyboard innovations and varied projects—I dove into this endeavor. The intriguing nPM1300, a harbinger of battery-powered potential, caught my eye, laying the groundwork for a development board that flawlessly fuses it with the nRF5340.

The design vision was sharp—forge a board reminiscent of pro micros but with an upgraded memory capacity, primed for display interfacing. A pronounced focus was laid on robust battery charging capabilities, featuring battery reverse polarity protection and sophisticated fuel gauging via the nPM1300.

The heart of the board's efficiency and prowess lies in the nRF5340 BLE SoC, with its dual-core architecture catalyzing an impressive 30% power savings while significantly boosting the board's performance. The nRF5340, flaunting neat hardware facets like dual cores and Arm TrustZone, coupled with the nPM1300's advanced fuel gauging, catapults this board into a unique league, primed to broaden the horizon in battery-powered projects.

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Oct 11,2023
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