RUGVED Systems

Our team aims to build various robots for military defense and law enforcement applications powered by multiple cutting edge technologies. We here at RUGVED Systems are tirelessly working towards revolutionizing border protection and internal security operational doctrines and tactics.

We have participated in numerous international and national competitions such as the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition held in Michigan, USA every year & IIT Bombay's TechFest.


-2ND Position in GME Ford Hackathon 2020

-8th in Group Design Challenge - IGVC (Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition) 2018

-Winner of TATA Makerthon Challenge - Techfest 2018, IIT Bombay - Participation of 142 Teams

-Winner of TATA Makerthon UAV Challenge - Techfest 2017, IIT Bombay - Participation of 32 Teams

- 1st place in 'Covideate', IIT Bombay's Techfest 2020

- 3rd place in IISF under the category 'Swastha Bharat'

Our current project-

WALRUS (Wireless Armored Light Recon Utility Service Robot)

Our solution mainly tries to tackle the issues that military and law enforcement face with performing reconnaissance and other operations. Our platform is an intelligent four-wheel drive Unmanned Ground Vehicle(UGV) which also houses a drone and spherical robot. It can conduct surveillance and terrain mapping in all dimensions. The amphibious sphere can be deployed on surfaces of water and small areas, whereas the drone can be used for aerial imaging and mapping.

The UGV can operate in both autonomous and manual modes. In Manual mode, a human operator pilots the bots.

Autonomously, it can navigate to a given GPS waypoint and return to base while avoiding all obstacles in its path or conduct patrols on predefined paths. The camera feed and important electrical and sensor parameters are monitored and transmitted to the base wirelessly in real-time at radio frequency. 

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Jan 18,2021
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