Powerfull motor driver

I am a student at the University of Omar Halisdemir.I'm studying electrical engineering in the faculty of engineering. I am working on power systems and control systems.I carry out these works with my team.The team consists of 6 people.,

We actively use the laboratories and workshops of our university during our studies.We receive adequate support from our research assistants when conducting our studies.We get support from our environment to ensure continuity in our work

There are more than seven laboratories and workspaces in our university.Our university has the largest laboratory in our region.

In this project we have made a motor drive. With this motor drive, we can use the engines up to 3KW stably.Our motor drive does not contain many powerful circuit elements. Powerful controllers are used to control these powerful elements.Thanks to the design and the materials used, our circuit can work efficiently without heating for a long time. The cooling elements and conditions required for stable operation are provided.

A thank you PCBWay.

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Mar 09,2019
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