Orion Racing India: FS Electric Vehicle

About the Team

Orion Racing India is a non-profit, student-run racing team situated in Mumbai's K.J.Somaiya College Of Engineering. The team comprises aspiring engineering students from diverse fields, who design, develop, and fabricate a formula-style car to participate in international design competitions like Formula Student Germany (FSG).

In the year 2006, the team embarked on a bold and challenging expedition that demanded great courage and determination. They aimed to defy the conventional education system, equip themselves with the necessary skills, and compete at the global level. The team started with limited resources, including a decrepit rickshaw engine in a cramped workshop. However, they persevered with determination and passion, ultimately achieving outstanding success.

Orion Racing India has sustained its impressive performance, earning the distinction of being the best Indian team at FSG consistently. This year, the team has dedicated all their efforts and hard work to the development of their third electric prototype. Their remarkable accomplishments have earned India recognition and accolades on the world stage. In 2018, ORI's first electric vehicle prototype, 'ARTEMIS' was designed. Subsequently, the second electric vehicle 'LEMNOS' was designed and manufactured. The electrical and electronics team played a vital role in the making of this electric vehicle. 

The Electrical System

The whole Electrical System is divided into two systems - namely, Low Voltage System and High Voltage System. 

The low-voltage system consists of Safety circuits, Vehicle Control Unit, Driver Interface, and Data Acquisition. Various PCBs are made for the functioning of these systems. For example, safety circuits such as the shutdown circuit board are made so that in case of any fault in the vehicle, the car is brought to halt in a safe condition. For the Vehicle Contol Unit, a PCB is made to interface the microcontroller with the rest of the electrical systems and sensors on the vehicle. Similarly, a few more boards are made to make the vehicle work safely while transferring and receiving data simultaneously. We also have a driver interface board that collects data from the motor, motor controller, and battery pack and displays them on an HMI screen on the dashboard for our driver's reference in dynamic conditions.

The High Voltage System consists of the Battery Management System (BMS) and the Powertrain. We make in-house custom Battery Management System boards for the monitoring of the voltage and temperature of the cells to check for any errors and malfunctioning in the battery pack. The BMS also measures the SOC and SOH of the cell.

These are the PCBs we have designed for this year's electric vehicle.

BMS Master and Slave PCBs

Driver Interface PCB




Telemetry PCB

Safety and ECU Schematics

A message for PCBWAY

We are reaching out to express our keen interest in collaborating with your company for the upcoming 2023 season. Our electronics team has taken note of the exceptional quality PCBs and smaller tolerances that are offered by PCB Way. Given that reliability is of paramount importance to us, we firmly believe that optimizing the quality of our boards through PCB Way's services will be integral to achieving our goals.

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Mar 20,2023
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