About the Team

The SRM Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SRM UAV) is an INDIAN student-run team that focuses on UAVs for international competitions. ORCA is one such UAV that has seen massive success, getting the BEST IN TECHNICAL DESIGN at the 2019 Association for unmanned vehicle systems international Student unmanned aerial systems competition (AUVSI-SUAS) in the USA.



ORCA is an Unmanned Aerial System capable of autonomous flight, obstacle avoidance, imagery, and air delivery, powered by a custom 21.6V Li-ion battery pack, a 6s15p configuration. The control and power system consists of custom boards which include the Flight termination system (FTS) board and various communication links to establish a reliable connection between the UAV and ground control system(GCS). Communication links include a pilot RC control, autopilot telemetry, and imagery and onboard computing link. At the center of it all is a PIixhawk cube flight controller that controls the UAV. 


ORCA 2019 




Our Circuit Boards

Many parts of the UAV are made from custom modules in order to keep the size and weight down as much as possible. The Control and Power systems team designs the PCBs using Altium.



It is a custom-built carrier board for the PIXHAWK CUBE ORANGE with a flight termination system and the power distribution system which is required to power all the various components like the servos, the Onboard computer, and the communication links.






Plugin BUCK for HAVOCS


Mainboard for the Unmanned Ground Vehicle


As a battery powered-system, it is required to make sure that the system is efficient in terms of power consumption and it’s volume.









Here are some videos from last year 

Flight Readiness review 2019

Proof of flight 2019                 















For more information about SRM UAV, you can visit www.srmuav.com or Instagram at srmuav

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Mar 30,2020
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