Nixie IN-9 Tube Clock

How it startet?

Well, a group of 6 students working on something we could develop for our so called "practice company".

The school requires us to make something cool and innovative, what other people would like and buy as a kind of art piece in their home.

So I brought this Nixie IN-9 tube clock thing up I had in mind for the last two years, because I like the combination of some old orange glowing vacuum tubes, combined with something useful like displaying the time in a new funky way.

I found many products where the same tubes are in use (temperature display, uv-meter or as audio-spectrum display).

Including an ESP-8266 or ESP32 to control the level of the hour and minute tubes, getting the time over udp and a web server to upload the wifi access. Around the two tubes the will be a plexiglass part that hast the values of hour and minute engraved in it. To see the time in night, the plexiglass will be lit from the bottom of the clock with rgb led's.

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Nov 12,2023
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