Neo Segments

Introduction :

7 segment displays are great If you want to show small numbers or digits on a clock or dashboard. This little displays have been the go-to electronics option for decades. But If you need something bigger.. much bigger and Colorful... Still not convinced, well it's IOT ready!! There you go my friends this “Huge Seven Segment IOT Displays” could be just the thing.

Addressable RGB LED :

But I don't want my project to be a huge wiring mess you may say. Well, don't worry about it. It uses WS2812b Addressable RGB LEDs or as you might know it by the name NEOPIXEL LEDs Only 3 wires and you could connect any numbers of displays you want. Additionally two dots segments if you need any binary expression like AM / PM or Hours-Minute separator.

Controller :

What about the controller? this PCB covers everything that you need to make a digit display and that includes it's controller as well. The controller board uses ESP8266 as the brain of the project. you can connect to the Internet and fetch data like

  • Internet Date &Time from NTP Servers
  • Weather forecast like current temperature and Humidity
  • Followers Counters

possibilities are endless so it's upto you.


But making all of this things requires a lot of PCBs aka lot of moneys. Yah, keeping that in mind I designed the PCB in such a way that you can get all of this required thing from a single order. It's a two layer PCB and The dimensions of the PCB is under 100x100mm. So you can order 10 of this PCBs for only $5 from PCBWAY and if you are a new customer you'll get $5 discount coupon as well. Happy Making...

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Oct 18,2019
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