Mavera Technology Team

Mavera Technology Team is a project team established within Osmangazi University in Eskişehir, Turkiye in 2019. The team's journey began in 2019 as the Devrim26 Electric Vehicle Team and continued in 2020 as the Mavera Technology Team. Since its establishment, the team has been involved in projects related to Electric Vehicles, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Autonomous Vehicles, and Medium-Altitude Rockets.

In the recent 2023 International Efficiency Challenge for Electromobile, the team achieved the 3rd place in the Acceleration Race. The engineering students within the team aim to do their best to improve both themselves and the team. Currently, the team is actively working on projects for Shell Eco-marathon, Teknofest International Efficiency Challenge for Electromobile, and Teknofest Medium-Altitude Rocket competitions. In the development of projects, designing and producing PCBs play a significant role, from testing electronic systems by team members to reaching the final stages.


The electrical systems of the electromobile project are divided into sub-units, namely the Battery Management System (BMS), Electric Motor, Motor Driver, Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), and Embedded Rechargeable Unit. The majority of these system designs are developed by us, and we take pride in designing the entire system ourselves, incorporating our latest developments.

Motor Driver:

Motor Driver is a circuit which is used to control a 3 phase BLDC Motor. Motor driver takes the direct information of the phases of the motor with using hall sensors and by using the gas value, motor driver controls the motor as desired speed and efficiency. The motor driver is divided two parts as power and control parts. In the power part, there are 3 high and 3 low sides which are controlled by mosfets. In the control part, a microprocessor is used to control gate drivers, adjust the power and speed.

For our team to advance further in our projects and generate innovative ideas, we often find the need for support. The assistance that PCBWay can provide is crucial for us. Their support will play a significant role in enhancing and developing our electronic systems. As Mavera Technology Team, we are looking forward to the opportunities that this sponsorship will create for us and the support of PCBWay.

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Feb 21,2024
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