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METU Formula Racing is a Formula Student - Formula SAE team of Middle East Technical University from Ankara Türkiye. We develop and build electrified and autonomous formula student race cars. For this year we are attending FS Italy competition in EV, and DV category. We will be the first team in Türkiye to attend a Formula Student competition with an autonomous racecar. Our team is consisting of three main departments. Finance&Organisation, Autonomous, and Technical. The technical department is divided into 5 different sub-teams, which are Vehicle Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Composite&Monocoque, E-Powertrain, and Electronics. Also, the Autonomous department is divided into 5 sub-teams which are Perception, Planning, and Control.

With our first Electric car, we attended Formula Student Czech Republic competition in 2023. Even though we were a first-year team in the Electric category, we received very positive feedback from the officials and other teams. Considering the budget difference with the other teams we have been told that we put great effort and build a solid racecar.

Now with the knowledge and experience we gained,we set out to break new ground by building Türkiye's first autonomous Formula Student car.


We need more than 10 different PCBs to use in our electrical and autonomous system and to construct this racecar, all of which are interconnected via CAN-Bus. These PCBs are custom-developed in-house, with many of them designed to meet the safety regulations of Formula Student Events. This is one of our most liked PCB's in the competition. It is designed in order to get rid of the complex, and tangled cables in our battery segments. Like this we have a lot of innovative PCB's, for this years car.

Our total budget for a year is about 80.000 USD which is about one-twentieth of some of our competitors. This is why we are applying for this sponsorship. With your support, we aim to keep up with our rivals and do our best.

Thank you.

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May 16,2024
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