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LedBox V2 is a fully contained, sound reactive, ESP32 based module for controlling 5-12V addressable LED strips (WS2812, SK6812, etc.), supporting both 3-(VDD,DAT,GND) and 4-(VDD,DAT,CLK,GND) pin configuration.

The module has a dedicated step-down converter, digital MEMS microphone, side button, 32kHz IR receiver, 10A safety resettable fuse, 1000µF buffer capacitor, 3.3V/5V level converter for both Data and Clock lines, together with an impedance matching resistor.

These features ensure maximum functionality, safety, and led strip compatibility, all in a small (54x32x18mm) 3D printable enclosure.

It is fully compatible with WLED and sound reactive WLED fork.


The 5.5x2.1mm, center-positive DC barrel jack allows MAX 17V input voltage (VDD_IN), determined by TPS62163DSG step-down converter. However, since VDD_IN is directly connected to LED strip's power supply (VDD) through a resettable fuse (PPTC), be very careful, and connect only voltage that is rated for your LED strip (usually 5V or 12V). Also, make sure that the power capabilities of your supply meets (or preferable exceeds) the expected power requirement of the LED strip.

The LED strip is connected through a safety resettable fuse (PPTC) which will trip if the current draw exceeds 10A. This feature can be bypassed by closing the JP2 solder bridge on the back side of the board, but it is not recommended due to safety reasons. The main function of the fuse is to protect the module in scenarios like short circuit on the strip side. I strongly advise against running the module close to 10A. Keep in mind that even the JST SM connector, that addressable LED strips use, is officially rated only for max 3A. If you really need to power strips with higher current consumption, a safer way is to branch out the power line (VDD, GND) before the module using thicker cables, and connect them directly to the strip (power injection).

When using long strips, you might experience a color shift towards the end, due to the voltage drop caused by strip's resistance.

This can be solved by injecting power to the strip repeatedly every few meters (e.g. every 5m for WS2812 or every 2.5m for WS2813, SK9822, SK6812).

Always make sure that you know and understand what you are doing, especially when dealing with large current. You are doing this at your own risk.

edBox comes with a standard 3-wire JST SM connector soldered on VDD, DAT, and GND, for seamless connection of 3-pin addressable LED strips. To use 4-wire strips, additional CLK pin can be easily soldered. DAT has a 470Ω series resistor, and both DAT and CLK are bi-directionally level-shifted from 3.3V to 5V by TXS0102DCU, to meet recommended operating conditions for most strips.


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Sep 08,2021
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