As Luna Computer, our goal is to produce unique high-tech devices by combining electronics, software, and design. The EQOO 2 has a modern and unique design that sets it apart from ordinary Bluetooth speakers, and it offers several technological advancements that put it ahead of other Bluetooth speakers. Here are some of its features:

-3D RGB Lighting: One of the standout features of the EQOO 2 is its lighting, which not only looks very modern in terms of design but also allows for color selection and the ability to switch between 15 different lighting modes using the EQOO 2's mobile app, LUNAPP 2. This makes it the center of fun for social gatherings and parties.

-Gestures: Control music playback or change tracks with hand gestures.

-Angled Sound Tunnel: Takes acoustics to the next level.

-LUNAPP 2: The EQOO 2's dedicated mobile app, LUNAPP 2, allows you to manage the 3D RGB Lighting, control music through Spotify synchronization, and manage other functions of the device.

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Jan 31,2024
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