Team Introduction:

Greetings! We are Team Nano Trojans, a dynamic group of enthusiasts passionate about robotics and automation. Our team comprises members with diverse skills, including programming, electronics, and mechanical engineering, united by a common goal: to create innovative solutions through technology.

Project Overview - Line Follower Robot:

Our latest endeavor is the development of an advanced Line Follower Robot, blending cutting-edge technology with practical applications. The primary objective of this project is to showcase the seamless integration of sensors and precision control in the field of robotics.

Main Components:

Arduino Nano R3

QTR-8RC Sensor

10:1 micro gear Motor 

Pair of Wheels

Motor driver board

Motor mounts

Rechargeable battery


Button and push switch.

A line follower robot is a type of autonomous robot designed to follow a specific path, typically a visible line on the ground. It relies on sensors, such as infrared detectors or cameras, to detect the contrast between the line and its surroundings. By processing the sensor data, the robot can make real-time decisions to adjust its motors and stay on the predetermined path. Line follower robots are commonly used in various applications, including industrial automation, education, and entertainment. They showcase the principles of robotics, automation, and sensor integration in a fun and practical way.

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Nov 11,2023
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