Guided Parachute System


We are Team UBC Uncrewed Aircraft System, a dedicated group of innovators, engineers, and drone enthusiasts, on a mission to revolutionize the way automated drones solve real world problems. One of our project, that my team is working on this year focuses on the development of a cutting-edge Guided Parachute System that will efficiently deploy and deliver water bottles to specific locations with utmost precision.

Project Overview:

Our project is centered around an Automatic Guided Parachute System, designed to be mounted on a dropped payload consisting of a water bottle. This system is equipped with advanced technology to control and estimate the real-time 3D position and location of the payload while it is in the air. Here is a presentation that discusses the project in detail.

Key Components:

ESP32 Microcontroller: Responsible for processing and computation.

GPS Module: Provides accurate location data.

Barometer: Measures height.

9-Axis IMU: Monitors acceleration and orientation.

3D Kalman Filter: Fuses sensor data for reliable position estimation.


We have successfully tested the localization component of our project in controlled scenarios, demonstrating its effectiveness and accuracy.

Next Steps:

For our next phase, we plan to conduct a full system integration test, which requires the addition of control servos, a battery power supply, and data recording capabilities. To facilitate this, we have designed a custom PCB that will house all the necessary sensors and components.

Key Features of the Custom PCB:

Onboard 7-8.4V buck converter for regulated 5V power supply at 4A.

Connection ports for control servos acting as control actuators.

Integration of the previously described localization system.

Onboard SD card slot for telemetry data recording.

Visual Representation:

Below are images of the proposed PCB that will be manufactured and assembled by PCBWay's world-class facilities, ensuring quality and precision in production.

Support Requested:

We are seeking sponsorship from PCBWay to support the manufacturing and assembly of our custom PCB. Your sponsorship will play a crucial role in bringing our innovative Guided Parachute System to life and contributing to the advancement of drone technology for humanitarian and logistical purposes.

Access to Firmware:

The firmware for the localization system can be accessed here.


We believe that our project aligns with PCBWay's commitment to technological innovation and excellence in PCB manufacturing. Your sponsorship will not only help us achieve our goals but also showcase the capabilities of your world-class facilities.

We appreciate your consideration of our proposal and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with PCBWay on this exciting project.

Contact Information:

Nischay Joshi


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Jan 16,2024
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