Full-custom Radio Controller

MakersUPV has been an engineering group which has gone through tons of different projects. However robotics is and has been one of the major field of interest. However, one of the problems that has appeared in most of the projects is the difficulty to transmit complex information while also transmitting general controller information.

There are very good controllers in the market but they are all propietary hardware and software which makes it impossible to establish our own communication protocols. The aim of this project is to develop a full custom RC controller which is able to fix these issues. The whole project is open software and hardware and we use the AVR-Atmega2560 which is a microcontroler compatible with Arduino (even if the software that we use is not compatible with it, it is made in Atmel Studio 7).

The features of the board are:

  • USB connection for battery charging, communication and program upload.
  • Serial communication for tactile screen (we use Nextion Screens).
  • 3.3V Logic.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Estimated 50/10 hours of autonomy without/with screen.
  • SPI communication for full-duplex radio transmission.
  • 1S Lipo battery protection.
  • ISP programming connection.
  • 4 analog connectors for the two gimbals.
  • 6 digital connectors for switches.
  • 1 ISP & 1 Serial auxiliar connectors for bluetooth communication (with external controller).

Once the project is finished, all the information will be uploaded for the community.

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Feb 27,2020
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