Formula UFSM FSAE Team

Team History

The Formula UFSM Team is a Formula SAE Team from Santa Maria, Brazil. We have competed in the Formula SAE Brasil competition since 2010, and have earned a spot in the American competition in the 2012, 2015 and 2021 seasons.

Recent results

In the 2022 season we achieved 4th place overall in our national competition, among more than 40 teams, and for next year our target is 1st place and competing in the USA once again.

Last years prototype was called Alpha, and achieved the national FSAE Acceleration record, with a time of 4.012s in 75m. Also, we placed top-3 in Engineering Design and Cost and Manufacture evaluations, helping us solidify our place as a top team in Brazil with top-4 finishes in the last 6 seasons.

Alpha prototype in Federal University of Santa Maria's Botanical Garden Street.


The Telemetry and Data Unit, or TDU, is responsible for connecting the car with both the driver, via a Dashboard, and to the Team via a telemetry system. The information is received through the prototypes CAN Bus and distributed to the several systems via the ESP32 controller.

Telemetry PCB Render.

Input Expander

The input expander is an electronic control unit, responsible for receiving some important extra sensors like thermocouples. The sensors signal passes through filters and is processed in a microcontroller, which is also responsible for sending it to the vehicle's CAN Bus.

Input Expander PCB Render.

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