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Hello, we are the electronics department in the BCN eMotorsport team. A Formula Student team from ETSEIB and ETSETB, schools of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona.

Formula Student is one of the biggest engineering competitions in the student world, where teams made up of undergraduate and masters students design and fabricate a formula style car. At the end of each season the teams compete around the world to prove that their prototype is the fastest and most reliable one. In our case, the team is formed with 45 students and we compete in the manual electric and the autonomous electric categories.

We are a team with more than 15 years of history that always strives for innovation and progress, being the first Spanish team to make the switch from combustion to electric in 2012 and the first national team to develop an autonomous single-seater in 2018.

This season, from the main Formula Student competition in Germany, the regulations have changed incentivizing all the teams around Europe to design and fabricate an electric or combustion car capable of competing both in the manual events as well as the autonomous ones. That being said, not all competitions applied the same regulations, as some decided to give more time to the teams to make the fusion.

We decided to accept this challenge and continue innovating in the automotive field. The CAT14x has competed in three competitions:

  • Formula Student Czech (Autodrom Most) in autonomous mode.
  • Formula Student Germany (Hockenheimring) with the new regulations in the autonomous and manual mode.
  • Formula Student Spain (Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí) which, despite following the old regulations, has also allowed us to compete in the autonomous and manual mode.

Achieving the following results:

  • 1st Position: Cost and Manufacturing in Formula Student Czech
  • 2nd Place: Engineering Design in Formula Student Czech
  • 4th Place: Engineering Design in Formula Student Germany (in the Driverless Cup category)
  • 4th Place: Business Plan in Formula Student Germany (in the electrical category)
  • 4th Position: Cost and Manufacturing in Formula Student Spain (in the autonomous category)
  • 4th Place: Engineering Design in Formula Student Spain (in the independent category)
  • 5th Position: manual Autocross (a quick lap around the circuit in the shortest possible time)
  • 6th Position: Cost and Manufacturing in Formula Student Spain (in the manual category)

Having introduced the team and the successes achieved in the 21-22 season, I would like to propose a possible collaboration between us and PCBWay. The project has some funding from the university itself, but it is thanks to all our sponsors that we can make our dream come true and we are eternally grateful to all of them. Thus, from BCN eMotorsport we contact you to consider a collaboration between the two parties, seeking to be able to present our project first hand and analyze a possible collaboration. We are attaching more information about our project so that you can consult it if it is of interest to you, or you can also check our website:

BCN eMotorsport - Formula Student Spain 2022

BCN eMotorsport - Formula Student Germany 2021

BCN eMotorsport - Driverless Vehicle

Thank you very much for your attention.

Yours faithfully,


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Mar 14,2023
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