Flight Controller for Micro Quadcopter

System consists of


Vehicle Side:

·         STM32F0   ---  microcontroller

·         MPU9250   ---    9-axis accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer

·         MPL3115A2---    Barometric Pressure Sensor

·         NRF24L01+ ---    2.4GHz radio transceiver

·         Motor drive circuitry (low side mosfets, diodes, caps)

·         Lots of Resistors and Capacitors


Hand Controller Side:

·         STM32F0

·         NRF24L01

·         Joysticks


Most of the software has been developed already on STM32F4 dev board with breakout boards for the sensors: 9-axis data fusion using Direct Cosine Matrix and complementary filters.

Point to point radio communication with the NRF24L01.

The plan is to use the frame, motors, and rotors from the Blade Inductrix, because it is a good vehicle and provides a good aero-mechanical system to put my flight controller into.

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Oct 14,2016
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