FeatherWeight Combat Robot

Equipe Paralela (Parallel Team)

The Parallel Team is a team made up of former members of the Phoenix Robotics team at Unicamp. The team is made up mostly of engineers graduated from Unicamp and we compete in several categories such as combat robots and Sumo robots

Robots in activity:

Kuro Usagi (Black Rabbit)

The team's oldest active robot, Kuro Usagi is a 3kg mega sumo robot that competes in both radio-controlled and autonomous categories. It has a locomotion with a very powerful brushless motor that allows it, using neodymium magnets, to have a normal force greater than 100 kg and a speed of almost 4 m/s. Its autonomous part uses 8 sensors and electronics developed by the team to roam the arena and locate opponents. He is currently the most victorious robot on the team, winning several podiums

Coelho Escovado (Bunny Brushed):

Coelho Escovado is the newest robot on the team and successor to Kuro Usagi. The main difference between them is that the new robot uses powerful and precise brushed motors, which maintain speed and strength parameters similar to the Kuro usagi, but with more fluid and precise movement.


Manta is a combat robot in the beetleweight (1.36 kg) category. Its main feature is the use of locomotion with 4 powerful brushless motors, which allows it to have strength, speed and feasibility, it also has a weapon that rotates in a vertical direction, allowing it to launch opponents inflicted as much damage as possible.

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Jamanta (manta rays)

Jamanta is our newest featherweight combat robot (13.6kg) in development. It is the heavier version of Manta, which is used to observe strengths and weaknesses of the robot format, so that we could build the Featherweight version as competitive as possible. Like its predecessor, it has 4-wheel locomotion, but it has a different weapon, in the shape of an eggbeather, making it possible to optimize the maximum possible amount of energy that it can apply.

To allow the robot to resist possible damage applied by opponents, it requires parts made of steel, aluminum and high-density polymers. Some of these need to be CNC machined due to their complexities. As we already use parts made by Pcbway in Kuro Usagi and Manta, we would like to continue using them in Jamanta due to their excellent quality.


Micro v type pulley made of aluminum, it is the part that will transmit all the energy from the motor to the weapon, therefore, it needs to be very resistant

Aluminum part used to fix the front of the robot. This part needs to absorb all hits for the rest of the robot.

Aluminum rear part, used to attach the side plates to the rear

Aluminum part used as the central structure of the robot, it joins the sides of the robot, being necessary to be strong enough to absorb impacts on the robot, without deforming

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Apr 01,2023
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