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FSUPV - the first Formula Student team from the Polytechnic University of Valencia

Formula Student is a worldwide competition, where different teams from universities all over the globe are going to a contest and demonstrate their engineering skills designing, manufacturing and racing with their car.


It is a competition with the aim to help the future engineers can develop their skills in order to learn as much as possible what it cannot be taught in class. Those students who belong to the Formula Student teams are likely to have outstanding abilities such as teamwork, leadership and dealing with pressure.


Community Introduction with related Community activity photos:


Regarding our community, in order to develop such an important project, we had to create a big network with other companies who are willing to collaborate with us. We try to demonstrate to the world how proud we are about our work.



FSUPV is the first Formula Student team from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

A project formed by 34 students from different schools of the university, joined by the passion for facing new challenges. The main goal is to design and manufacture a FSAE competition vehicle.

The team is composed by several disciplines: management, design & communication, marketing, aerodynamics, chassis, dynamics, electronics and powertrain. Each team member is a student specialist in what he/she does although everyone must have basic general engineering skills and advanced team work skills. Heads of different disciplines are in charge of the hard task of organizing the work of all the members along with the Technical Directors. The FSUPV Team is a perfectly organized and synchronized project where everyone relies on each other to achieve success.

This project is made for students: promotes team-work, professionalism and keeps close to the automotive industry at the highest level.


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Apr 26,2017
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