FSUPV Team: Valencia's Formula Student Team

In 2013, a group of students, driven by a shared desire to push the boundaries of their knowledge, came together and embarked on an ambitious project: building a racecar. That pivotal year marked the birth of the FSUPV Team, the Formula Student Team of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. However, it wasn't until 2014 that their dream materialized into reality. The team successfully manufactured and tested their first prototype, the FSUPV 01, under real track conditions, marking the beginning of their journey in the world of motorsport engineering.

Since 2014, the team has consistently designed and manufactured a competition-ready formula-style car each year, totaling nine cars to date. The team adheres to a philosophy of seeking increasingly challenging development opportunities annually. Among the team's notable achievements, in 2019, they successfully designed and manufactured their first full carbon fiber monocoque. Prior to this, the team had utilized a combination of a front carbon fiber monocoque and a rear tubular sub-chassis. In 2021, the team embarked on the development of an autonomous system—a sophisticated array of sensors and actuators enabling the car to autonomously identify the track layout and generate a path to follow. These milestones exemplify the team's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in motorsport engineering.

The video showcases the autonomous system of the FSUPV 010 at its pinnacle, as it completes an Autocross lap in unknown mode. In this mode, the car is not only recognizing the track but also simultaneously generating the path and navigating through it. This impressive demonstration highlights the advanced capabilities of the autonomous system, showcasing its ability to perceive and respond to dynamic environments in real-time.

To tackle these impressive challenges, the LV electronics department plays a crucial role in developing printed circuit boards (PCBs) that control critical aspects of the car. These PCBs serve as the electronic brains of the vehicle, governing various systems and components essential for its performance and functionality. Through innovative design and meticulous engineering, the LV electronics team ensures that the car operates seamlessly and reliably, enabling it to push the boundaries of performance and technology on the track. Some of them are mentioned below.

1- ETC (Electronic Throttle Control)

This PCB enables us to utilize an electronic throttle body, providing the driver with superb control over the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) when pressing the throttle pedal. It also facilitates the autonomous system to actuate the throttle body using an electronic signal. The primary functionality of the PCB is to monitor the plausibility of the two sensors of the Electronic Throttle Body. If it detects any implausibility, it initiates a safety measure to shut down the car, ensuring the safety of the driver and the vehicle.


2- Auxiliary Module

This PCB serves as a versatile component that empowers the team to implement numerous functionalities in the car. Its capability to send signals such as PWMs facilitates the movement of servos or activation of the cooling system. Additionally, it enables the activation of the ASSI (Autonomous System State Indicator), which communicates the car's status to others, enhancing overall safety and situational awareness during operation. Through its diverse range of functionalities, this PCB plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and effective performance of the vehicle.


PCBWay's support would be instrumental in enabling the team to implement all the complex functionalities required to elevate the car to a state of sublime performance. With PCBWay's assistance, we can ensure the seamless integration of advanced electronic systems and components, allowing us to push the boundaries of innovation and achieve unparalleled levels of performance on the track. Their expertise and resources would empower us to overcome technical challenges and realize our vision of creating a truly exceptional racing car.

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Feb 23,2024
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