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About the team

We are TeamKinnareeRacing, an Independent team of students, whose deep interest in design and engineering has led us to join the F1 in Schools program. It is an international competition in which teams design, manufacture, and race model F1 cars with funding and material that they have gathered from Partnerships and sponsorships. Our team represented Thailand in the previous year at the 2022 F1 In Schools World Finals at Silverstone race track, England. In the World finals, we were the top-ranked Thai team and were awarded the 'sustainability award' for reusing carbon from the combustion of fossil fuels in our car parts. Furthermore, we were featured on multiple local news channels and were awarded the 'Thailand-Master-Youth-2022' For our successes.

This year we are once again joining in the world finals, this time in Singapore. Our goal for representing Thailand is to not only present to the world the capabilities of Thailand's youth but to also inspire more students to enter STEM fields.

The car

The car we used to compete in the 2022 World Finals Utilizes parts that are made using CNC routers, SLA printing, and FDM printing. The cars are powered by Co2 canisters and are launched down a 23 m-long race track and can reach speeds up to 20m/s. Furthermore, the cars are stopped by a system of brushes which slow the car down to a halt in less than 0.5 seconds. This led us to a dilemma which was designing a car that was lightweight and also extremely durable as it had to withstand extreme forces when stopping. In our previous year, our methods of manufacturing have led to great speeds but came at the cost of durability as our car broke apart during the competition. For this year we intend to use SLS printing out of nylon as it would allow for high precision and also the durability we need to get the edge over our competitors.

The image above shows our current design of the car. Its design has been tuned using flow simulation software to make it as aerodynamic as possible. Its parts as of current are intended to be made of PLA plastic and Resin from an SLA machine.

Support from PCB way would give us an extreme advantage over our opponents as I would solve our issues with breakage and reliability. Furthermore, in Thailand, it is difficult to find manufacturers and suppliers needed for our car. Having the support of PCBway means the team would be able to carry out tests and compete without the fear of breakage and will allow us to rapidly change the designs of our car to gain data on which design would be most successful.

To find out more information about us, you could email us at teamkinnareeracing2023@gmail.com

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Mar 31,2023
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