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Who Am I

Hello, PCBWay team. We are the robotics team from a high school in Florida, deeply involved in STEAM education. We are dedicated to exploring the intersection of robotics engineering and business, and we believe we have a unique opportunity to make a significant impact through our latest project. Our goal is to teach our fellow classmates about gearboxes, motors, and electronics by designing a servo from the ground up.

Project Descript_ion

Our project involves creating an educational servo motor to demonstrate the design and functionality of gearboxes and electronics. The servo motor will be an innovative teaching tool, showcasing various engineering principles and promoting hands-on learning.

Key Components of the Servo Motor

1. Motor and Gearbox and Spline: We have secured a motor from a generous company in South Florida, which will drive our servo. Designed with steel gears, our gearbox will focus on achieving specific speed and torque ratios, making it an excellent example of mechanical engineering principles. The spline, or output shaft, will interface with components like horns or RC cars, demonstrating practical applications.


2. Position Tracking: A component to monitor the servo’s position for accurate data and control.

3. Main Board: This will handle processing tasks, including PID control, software management, and protection against overcurrent /p>

stalling. It will also manage the servo’s operational modes (regular and continuous).

Outer Shell: The CNC-machined case will provide structural support and protection, showcasing the precision and quality of PCBWay's manufacturing capabilities.

Impact and Reach

We have already conducted over 10 workshops this year, reaching over 5,000 students. With this servo project, we aim to impact even more through our STEAM programs and summer camps. This project will educate students on the entire design process, from calculating gear ratios to partnering with us:

Exposure: PCBWay will be introduced to thousands of students, promoting your services and capabilities in a region with limited makerspaces.

Education: We will teach students how to use PCBWay's tools and ordering platforms, ensuring they become familiar with a reliable and cost-effective resource for their future projects.

Visibility: Your logo and brand will be prominently displayed on our servo project and during our workshops and events, showcasing

PCBWay’s commitment to supporting STEAM education.

Funding Request

We are a non-profit team with limited financial resources. The total cost for the components is $260:

1. CNC cases: 3 at $40 each ($120)

2. Gears: 5 at $20 each ($100)

3. Circuitry: $40

We are seeking PCBWay’s support to cover these costs. Your assistance would not only help us complete this project but also enhance our educational outreach, enabling us to apply our knowledge to future, potentially larger projects.

We are excited about the possibility of collaborating with PCBWay and showcasing your contribution to advancing STEAM education. Thank you for considering our request.


Vin and the High School Robotics Team

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Jun 11,2024
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