Eclipse - ETS Solar Car

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Since 1992, Eclipse – ÉTS Solar Car Team, composed of engineering student from ÉTS university in Montréal, Canada, has been dedicated to advancing solar car technology and participating in various competitions. Eclipse is composed of about 20 passionate members, who are determined to exceed previous achievements and redefine boundaries. 


Our current prototype, Eclipse XI, made its mark in our team’s history with remarkable performances. In October 2023, we clinched 1st place in Canada and ranked 10th globally at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia, conquering a rally spanning over 3000 km through the Australian Outback. More recently, we proudly showcased one of our previous prototypes at CES in Las Vegas, captivating thousands of visitors with its innovative design. This summer, Eclipse XI will compete in the Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) and the American Solar Challenge (ASC), continuing our legacy of excellence. 


Currently, our focus is on our newest prototype, Eclipse 12, designed to be faster, lighter, and more efficient than its predecessor. The majority of our prototype's components are crafted by our talented students. Within the electrical department, we oversee the solar panel management, construct battery packs, and develop our own PCBs to control accessories, monitor sensors, manage the battery, and ensure the seamless operation of the solar car. This prototype is set to participate in the BWSC in 2025, followed by the ASC and FSGP in 2026.  

A partnership with PCBWAY would be invaluable, enabling us to enhance our PCBs and utilize high-quality products while adhering to our tight budget and ensuring swift delivery. Together, we can propel towards our goal of building a better solar car. 

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Mar 24,2024
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