E-dart game


 I am an Undergraduate student at Marwadi University in the department of Information and Communication Technology(I.C.T), pursuing a B.Tech course.

I am a semester 2 student and I am pleased to inform you that I developed an interest in digital electronics. As a part of my project, this semester I have built an electronic version of the Dart board game using IR pulses as invisible bullets. I have successfully completed a working simulation model and am looking forward to printing the circuit onto PCB.

I was very happy with this progress however due to financial constraints, I am unable to proceed with the PCB built. I would like to request your help in this matter as I feel the PCB way community is very supportive for technological endeavors. I would be very delighted if the hard work that I have put into this project would come into fruition and I would be greatly indebted to you. I would try to give back to the PCBway community in any way possible, be it a review written or visual or something else. I have attached a gerber file and schematic file of the circuit. 

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May 16,2023
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